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Equipos DVR móvil

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DVR digital video recorder. The DVR´S are with security and surveillance cameras fulfill several functions.They are responsible for digitizing and recording the images and audios that arrive from the security cameras. These DVR´S, in addition to the recording, allow through a soft provided by the manufacturer, see on a screen the security cameras, choose which or which cameras to see at the same time, enlarge or shrink the sizes of the images, move the cameras, schedule recording schedules, schedule motion detection recording, set image quality and many more functions that will depend on the particular characteristics of each equipment.


The vast majority of DVRs, also have the possibility of remote access, that is, to be able to see security cameras from a computer connected to a network, from a computer in another physical place through the Internet or from a cell phone. 

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Equipos DVR móvil

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